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  • Vampire Powers Part 1
  • Vampires, also referred to as vampires, are very well-known and appreciated creatures in popular legend. These rather powerful fanged, that prey upon humanity by consuming their blood, are applauded because of their uniqueness. Vampires have been featured, and a backhoe of most folklore, and fiction of different cultures, still prevalent and relevant amidst existing for […]

  • Types of Energy Vampire: Are You Passive Aggressive?
  • Are you passive aggressive? This is a close relative of the rage addict. These types reveal rage with a smile or exaggerated problem yet always preserve their cool. As the name states, they exhibit an easy kind of hostility. They are professionals at sugar finish hostility.  Easy hostile people assure anything, then do exactly as […]

  • Types of Energy Vampire: Are You a Manipulator?
  • Are you a manipulator? They see people as either bad or great, and also they are enthusiasts of love – hate connections. They’ll seduce you by positioning you on a stand, however you’re just being set up for a loss. Are you a manipulator? This vampire is an unforgiving avenger that’ll lacerate you with temper, […]

  • Types of Energy Vampire: Do You Play the Victim?
  • Do you play the victim? These vampires vex you with a poor-me attitude, as well as are sensitive to taking duty for their actions. People are constantly against them, the reason for their worry. They depict themselves as unfortunates that require saving, as well as they will make you into their specialist. Do you play […]

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